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Welcome to JIAOYU Mandarin. Thank you for using JIAOYU products and services. To ensure a safe, non-offensive environment for all of our users, we have developed these Terms of service that explain the rules for the use of our website.
By accessing any area of JIAOYU Mandarin, the user agrees to be bound by the law and complies with the following terms of service. Copyright and Licensing The copyright of all content on this website is JIAOYU Mandarin. You may not reproduce, store, alter or further distribute any material on this website without our prior written permission.


The JIAOYU website does not monitor all activities on this website, but reserves the right to do so.


Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate security measures on this website, including, but not limited to:

  1. The use of false passwords or passwords belonging to other users or access to data
    from non-user users or login to servers or accounts such users are not authorized to
  2. Disclosure of passwords or allowing third parties to use passwords or not notifying, JIAOYU of Mandarin when passwords are compromised.
  3. Attempting to detect, scan or test loopholes in a system or network or violate security or authentication measures without proper authorization;
  4. Attempting to interfere with the services of any user, host or network, including but not limited to through overloading, “flooding”, “mail bombing” or “collapse;
  5. Sending unsolicited e-mails, including advertisements for promotions and/or products
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General rules The user agrees to use the JIAOYU website only for legitimate purposes. Users may not use the site to disseminate, distribute, store or destroy materials that violate any applicable laws or regulations (a), (b) in the form of infringement of copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights of others or infringe  on the privacy or propaganda of others or other personal rights, or (c) defamation, obscenity, offence, threats, defamation,Abuse or hatred.

Violations The JIAOYU website has the absolute discretion to determine whether there has been any violation of these rules and to take such action as it deems appropriate in the event of any violation. Violation of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability.

The JIAOYU website will investigate incidents that may involve such violations and may involve, cooperate with and disclose to law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute users involved in such violations.
Submit The policy of JIAOYU Mandarin is not to accept or consider any unsolicited ideas or any form of material. Do not submit any such material. If you violate this prohibition, we reserve the right to consider all submissions as non-confidential and not subject to any proprietary or individual rights. Such materials and all rights will be our property, free of charge and without any claims from you or others, and we will be able to use them for any purpose, including advertising and promotion, without compensation from any person or any other obligation, including you.
Prohibited from using Use or contact this website to disrupt or damage the site, its content or security measures, or to harass or degrade the JIAOYU website or its products or services or personnel.
Unsolicited e-mail messages (spam) must not be directed to or through this site. Subscribe to Services

The courses you purchase are non-transferable and may not be sold or exchanged. Money back Guarantee: The money back guarantee is only available to first-time students (renewal or upgrade does not apply). As a first-time student, if you purchase a subscription package that allows you to book a certain number of courses per week and are not satisfied with our services, you can unsubscribe within 1 months. Please note that  the one-month period starts with the date of your payment (not the date of your first lesson).

You only pay a non-promotional one-month fee and, if applicable, we will refund the remaining amount. Instalment: If you choose to pay in installments, your payment will start billing at the beginning of the subscription, and you will automatically receive payment on the same day as the second, third, or fourth (if applicable) month. Failure to complete the required installments will be considered a breach of contract, your
service will cease immediately and your payment will not be refunded (unless you unsubscribe within the allowed time, please refer to the “Money Back Guarantee”).

Payment method: You can pay by credit card or other payment method (if any).

Cancel: You can send us a cancellation request in the following ways:
Please provide your student ID and your name, as well as the email address currently registered for your account. Schedule A Course: the course schedule depends on the availability of the teacher. Students must schedule the course at least 12 hours in advance. Students must cancel or reschedule the course at least 2 hours in advance. Students may have to book a course at a time or choose a teacher who may not be
his/her preferred choice. While we try our best to meet the needs of our students, we cannot guarantee or guarantee that students will stay or attend classes with the same teacher during their service.

Applicable law

This website and these rules are governed by Chinese law. reserves the right to change the general terms of service without prior notice. reserves the right of final interpretation of these general terms of service.