Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to use your program to become a senior speaker in Mandarin (not fluent)?

This depends on your current language level. Our teacher will evaluate your current level and propose a plan for you. Generally speaking, it takes 150-250 hours to reach the basic ability in Chinese.

Is the course arranged flexibly?

When you register, you tell us your preferred time and we will try our best to adapt you to the time period of your choice. The schedule of group courses will not change after the course begins. However, if you prefer a more flexible schedule, you can choose to sign up for a private course. Private courses can be adjusted at any time to meet your needs.

How does the on-site course work?

The Hanbridge virtual course is conducted via video conferencing. You can hear and speak through microphones and speakers, and actively participate in the classroom. For group courses, there is additional interaction between students.

Is it a real live teacher or a virtual teacher?

The classroom is virtual, the teacher is alive. The backbone of the JIAOYU Putonghua system is our field teaching staff. Course content is provided through voice, video and “Shared Whiteboard” technology. Real-time video enables students to see teachers in the course, and teachers can see every student with a
webcam (optional). Teachers and students speak on their PC headphones using a microphone.

How JIAOYU choose a teacher?

JIAOYU Mandarin has a strict policy on the teachers we employ. All teachers must:
At least a bachelor’s degree and a native Mandarin speaker with standard pronunciation in language education;

Effective use of bilingual Chinese, at least in other languages, such as
English, French, Japanese, etc.

Dedicated to teaching and keen on teaching; Keen to help people learn Mandarin and better understand Chinese culture.